I loved Kluu’s. It had taken me daily visits for two weeks to fall in love with the place. I loved the affordable yet delectable food served, the ever-grinning waitresses and the free bottled water for each plate of food bought. I loved the idea of a cafe where I could eat outdoors and enjoy free wireless internet connection. Determined to be stingy about my new discovery, I always waited for all my co-employees to leave for lunch elsewhere before I sneaked my way out to Kluu’s.

Today was no different. I had managed to get out of the office just after everybody else and ordered my usual lunch: Chicken and Chips with dessert of Peeled Bananas. I sat in my favourite seat far enough towards the roadside to enjoy the view of slowly moving Ring-Road Central traffic but just close enough to the café to get a strong wireless signal for my smart phone. In a matter of minutes, my lunch was served by a smiling gap-toothed waitress. I said my ‘thank you’ brusquely and instinctively concentrated on my food. As per personal routine, I had to turn my attention to ongoing traffic and gesture a playful invitation to any commuter inquisitive enough to look my way.

It was then that I saw her. For whatever reason, she had her eyes fixed right in my direction and I observed them move from the plates in front of me to my face, until our eyes met. She smirked shyly and nodded as if to say, “go ahead, enjoy.”
I nodded in comprehension and picked up the peppershaker. What looked like a cell phone was clutched to her ear when I looked back at her again while peppering my plate. She was extremely beautiful and her laid-back hair brought out her charming facial features more distinctly. I continued to sprinkle even as she got off the phone with a slight frown on her face, obviously angered by her caller. Realizing my inquiring gaze, she smirked and shrugged to convey a message I understood- some idiot had called.
Right away, the traffic began to move along and she licked her lips jokingly before waving goodbye.
I waved back with a smile, dropped the shaker and checked my watch only find out I had just about ten minutes to rush back to the office. Swearing silently, I began digging into my food. The Chips and Chicken was done with in record speed. I picked up one thin finger of peeled banana, slid it into my mouth and froze. In one swift and bizarre motion, I leapt to my feet and coughed out the partially-munched peppery banana.