*phone rings continuously and is finally answered on the fourth ring*

AMA: Hi.
KOFI: Been a while, how are you?
AMA: It’s been three months…not a while. I’m fine.
KOFI: Three months? Wow, I didn’t realize that.
AMA: I bet.  <chuckles>
AMA: Look, if you called just to find out how I’m doing, I think I’ve already answered that.
KOFI: No, no…wanted to have a conversation. No need to get rude.
AMA: RUDE?? You think I’m getting rude?
KOFI: No, no that’s not what I was implying…I just-
AMA: -Of course you weren’t implying it…you said it out.
KOFI: Okay, I’m sorry.
AMA: <pauses for a while>No need to apologize, you’re just being you.
KOFI: What’s that supposed to mean?
AMA: What’s what supposed to mean?
KOFI: Listen, I didn’t call to start a fight-
AMA:-Obviously.  <chuckles>
KOFI: H’m you haven’t changed a bit.
AMA: Excuse me?
KOFI: Never mind.
AMA: Good.
*long silence*

KOFI: You’ll never forgive me will you?
AMA: Forgive you? Forgive you for what?
KOFI: Well, for this whole mess… This whole break-up.
AMA: Oh that…It’s been three months, mister. That’s a long time to hold a grudge.
KOFI:  Hmm…I see.
AMA: Yeah.
KOFI: But like I told you…I’m really sorry.
AMA: Forget it…You didn’t cheat on me. You were just on a different page.
KOFI:  And what’s that supposed to mean?
AMA: Forget it.
AMA: Whoa! You need to calm down, mister.
AMA: <giggles> Okay sir, calm down.
AMA: <giggles> Well, I guess I should just shut up.
KOFI: <exhales deeply> Look, I’m sorry-
AMA: -Here we go again.
KOFI: Would you please just listen to me?
AMA: I am…been listening for Lord knows how long.
*short pause*

KOFI: I’m sorry for everything. I rushed into a decision I didn’t know I’d be regretting. I apologize for the way I went about things, for the kind of words I used. I could’ve gone about this in a better way. I’m not asking for a comeback…I just need to hear you say you forgive me.
*long pause*
KOFI: Hello? Are you still there?
AMA: I’m listening
KOFI: I’m done.
AMA: Oh….I see.
KOFI: You see? That’s all?
AMA: Listen, I told you already. It’s been three months. I’m over this. I think-
KOFI: -Do you forgive me?
AMA: It doesn’t matter if I do or not. I-
KOFI: –But it does to me!
AMA: Fair enough, but it’s not always about you SIR! You still haven’t realized that. Three months later you still don’t realize that it’s not always about you and you alone. We were in a relationship. ‘WE’, not just you. You failed to see that and obviously you haven’t changed. It’s still all about you isn’t it?-
KOFI:-No, I-
AMA: -Lemme finish. This is ‘me’ time, okay! Let ME finish! You haven’t changed and I doubt you ever will. I loved you, Lord knows I did. That has changed…and I doubt I can ever love you again. It’s good you’re not asking for a comeback…very good you aren’t. Do I forgive you? Yes, I do. Forgave you the instant you did the unforgivable. I’ve forgiven you but I haven’t forgotten…and the last thing I need is for you to call me 3months later to remind me. Now, if you don’t mind, there’s something else I have to attend to.
*long pause*

KOFI: <exhales deeply>I love you
AMA: You’re such an idiot! <hangs up>