“The Election” by Andrew Teye.

His feet tapped spasmodically on the tiled floor. There was silence in the other room. He had no intentions of pulling down his pants, so he flashed the toilet without opening the lid. Then he sat on the hard plastic and held his head in his palms.
His thoughts raced up and about, first to the rallies he had spoken at, then to the news cameras he had stared into. His memory drove him back to the large queues he saw when voting had commenced. Party colours were prohibited at the polls so he could not make out ‘his people’ from his roaming helicopter. He shook his head blank again and stood up to leave. As he wrapped his fingers around the door knob, a strange fear overtook him and he sat down again.
‘They will shout if I win… they will,’ He thought to himself.
And so he decided to wait. He checked his watch: 6:30pm.
‘Fifteen or twenty minutes more should be enough,’

He exhaled some of the tension and anxiety that was brewing inside him.
What if you don’t win?’ The question came almost as if from an outsider.
He brushed it off and began to hum the national anthem. He desperately convinced himself that the next time he would hear the national anthem, he would already be president. He began to build up confidence slowly and started saying silently, “I will be president…I will be president…I will be president…I will be president…I will be president.”

‘What if you don’t win….what if you don’t win…what if you don’t win….what if you don’t win!’  His thoughts staged a protest of their own.

His voice instinctively rose to drown out the silently loud negativity.

The first scream seemed distant, almost as if he had imagined it himself. Then another followed, then another and others more, louder and more definite. His body began to tremble, his heart wanted to thrust itself out of its cage. There was a loud thumping in his head. Something was whizzing about in his gut. The lump in his throat was an expanding balloon now. His head was spinning.
The door was yanked open and the screams pierced through his ears, penetrated his brain and caused his mind to back-flip. Teary-eyed and with a honeymoon smile on her face, his wife stood in the doorway.

“YOU DID IT!!! YOU DID IT!!!” she yelled above the noise. She opened her arms to envelope him as he stood up.

He stumbled forward, blinking sporadically as his head spun around. He took another weak step forward. The darkness slowly engulfed him as he opened his mouth to speak, “I AM PRES-”
He fainted.

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