Every so often we like to hit the streets of Accra and find a good place to party. Millicent (Mils), Ama and myself Afua. My favourite places are the bars along Labadi beach. It’s not a hot, loud sweat – box club. I can actually feel the breeze of the wind on my sun kissed skin and hear myself talk to my girls and overhear cute men talk to my friends too…

Ever since we were little I was the one in the group that never stood out. It took me longer than the others to blossom. I was the last to develop physically, the last to be liked, the last in everything. The other two had people dropping at their feet. They were both pretty. Mils has a deep chocolate complexion, full lips, and a curvaceous body to die for. Ama, a caramel coloured sister with a slender physique, big backside and beautiful eyes. They were nicknamed Choco and Koko.  I was just an awkward oddball.

I remember in form 1. I felt my first ever love for a boy. His name was Akwasi Oppong. We were 8 and I was convinced he was my husband. He unfortunately was more interested in my friend Ama.

We are standing on Labadi beach, listening to the sounds of Hip life, Afro beats and American RnB artists. To the left of me Millicent is talking to a handsome boy from Kumasi. Student at KNUST. To the right of me Ama is being bought a drink by an oil worker from Takoradi.

How do I know this? Because I am in the middle, being spoken to by no one…busily eavesdropping on both my friends’ conversations.

I AM NOT UGLY, I AM INTELLIGENT… someone talk to me, I feel like screaming. A small voice enters my head. “Hmm Maame, it’s 2012, these days women go up to men too…Find someone you like and smile!”

I quickly shook away that thought.

I’m traditional, I want someone to talk to me?! 

Before I know it, both my friends are being taken to the dance floor to dance to Wizkid’s latest track,”Pakurumo”.

“Afuaaaa,” screams Ama as Mr. Takoradi pulls her arm escorting her to the dance floor. “This is my song. I like it paaaaa, I’ll be back soon Maame!

Before I can even respond Ama is busy moving her sisi to this song.

I have to give her credit she is much more considerate than Mili. Mili totally forgot about me and has decided to give Mr Kumasi a special dance to the song too.

So I’m here at the bar, standing on my own.

I wait at the bar, trying to catch the attention of the bar tender

“What can I get you miss?” He asks

“Just one star beer please” I reply

I reach for my purse to take out my 2 cedis when the bar tender stops me.

“Odo” he says. “don’t worry about payment” A certain gentleman has taken care of that for you.

He nods his head to the left. I turn round and look to see who this person is.

I smile to myself… Finally.