Maame looked into his face as he smiled. She smiled back; those dimples were irresistible.
She smiled wider and leaned closer to him, laying a soft kiss on his left cheek. He simply smiled, and then seemed to frown momentarily.

Cheeky, Maame thought. She giggled and leaned forward a second time, planting a longer peck on his feather-soft right cheek. As before, he smiled and then frowned again.
“No, no, no lip-kisses for you Mister!” Maame protested. However she pitied him and leaned forward. She hesitated at the last minute and pulled back, chuckling at his already pouted lips.

“Naughty…naughty boy,” she whispered, then leaned closer and pulled back again when their lips almost touched. She repeated the playful act and enjoyed teasing him.

Finally weary of the monotony, she leaned in for what was to be her final time. This time, he was ready for her. He thrust his short arms forward and grabbed her left breast in both of his palms.
She shrieked slightly in surprise, reached for the transparent feeding bottle with the big rubber nipple and shoved it between his lips