You’re bad for me. I know this. But each time I see you, I can’t help but feel the magnetic pull between us. My mind tells me no, but my heart and my body scream YES!
I have tried so many different things to get rid of this otherworldly hold you seem to have over me. God knows I’ve tried! I’ve tried ignoring you, that didn’t last long. I’ve made a conscious effort to forget your name, refraining from ever mentioning it, blocking my memories of you from my thoughts. I’ve tried to do other things to keep my mind off you. But I see you everywhere. In my dreams, in moments of wakefulness, in the movies I watch, in the books I read. It also doesn’t help matters that you tempt me every chance you get.
And here it comes again; the temptation that is you. I can smell you, your unique scent that fills my head with thoughts of rapturous pleasure. I look away; desperate to fight the urge to come to you. You linger on in my thoughts, hovering in my subconscious, taunting me with promises of thrills beyond my wildest imagination.  Now you’re in my line of vision, willing me come closer. I can almost feel the ridges of your well defined body beneath my fingers. I feel my resolve weaken and I move towards you, anticipation making me tremble.

I couldn’t resist, now I’m holding you, touching you, caressing you, and I want more of you, all of you. I’m unwrapping you now; I want no more barriers between us. My heart is racing, desire coursing through every inch of my being at the sight of your smooth, brown skin. My hands are shaking as I slowly lift you to my lips. My mouth is watering, you’re so big. Can I handle you? All of you?
My tongue flicks out, tasting you tentatively. I’ve wanted you for so long I can’t wait a moment longer. Finally, I sink my teeth into you and savour the rich velvety sweetness of you my temptation. The only addiction i can never kick; CHOCOLATE! Mmmmmmm!