Such ingratitude.

This is not the reaction I was expecting. I thought they would be grateful. Beatific, even. Now all will benefit from Sokpe’s lake.
You see, I have achieved –

Wow. The entire village is outside my door. Well, they asked me to stay. To help ‘improve their lives’. What did they expect? So ungrateful…

Like I was saying, I have achieved something great. I have enhanced human vi –

‘COME OUT HERE NOW!’ Kwame Asamoah screams.

They are banging on my door with large sticks now.



‘What have you done?!’

I poured everything into the lake. They encouraged me. Maybe I shouldn’t have told them the compound was meant to purify the lake’s water. Lies upset people. Even when they are safer than the truth.

More banging.

They all shouldn’t be bathing in one water body anyway.

I invented a new compound. One that can do something no other chemical can. I could be one of the most celebrated scientists the world has ever seen. I could –

The front door has been broken down now. They will find me soon.

What I was trying to do was make the people of this village superior to everybody else. What I did –

Uh-oh. Not so soon.

They can hear me breathing.

‘He’s in here,’ John Darko, who I cured of malaria just last week, says.

Footsteps. Angry ones.

About five people. On the count of three, they will break down the storeroom door.

I gave them better vision and yet they still cannot see…

I can’t wait to see their new looks.

The door is pushed down and my face is introduced to the hateful pressure of Papa Asare’s fist.

I catch a glimpse of his beautiful, improved face before I crumble to the ground.

Awurade Nyankopon. Give people a third eye and this is how they repay you.