Hip, hip, hip!
Hip, hip, hip!

Dear reader,
Before we even knew it, a year has come by since this project was launched. Whoa, right?

Over the last twelve months, we’ve been overwhelmed with the talent for flash fiction in Ghana. There’s a lot out there in the wild we did not expect to see last year, when it all begun. Thanks to our dedicated authors and readers, we harvested from the fertile field to present the best of Ghana’s flash fiction to the world.

The short form allows us to see glimpses of the Ghanaian world view from various contexts. Well suited to our fast paced life, the success of the project is largely due to the enthusiasm with which flash fiction has been embraced by our young writers.

Throughout the last year we’ve seen posts ranging from horror, comedy, suspense to speculative fiction; the latter proving (to our pleasant surprise) that many genres could be adapted to our unique cultural context.

The response has been encouraging, and we’ve seen posts that have shocked, pleased, amused and inspired us. But this is just the beginning, folks.

We hope to bring the world even more flash fiction from Ghana. The selection of writers has been too small to our liking. A recent drive to get more contributors on board proved successful. We intend to continue this, because we’re certain there are many out there with more talent than they know. As our store of stories grows, we will become more stringent in our submission guidelines. The aim has always been to bring out the very best of Ghanaian flash fiction. That will not change.

In the next year, we look forward to bringing our collected stories to you in more innovative ways. It’s been a joy working with wonderful writers and engaged readers, and we know things will only get better with time.

In the spirit of brevity, thank you.

 ~from the Flash Fiction Ghana Team