“So what if I touch myself?” Dzidizi retorted.

Her husband loomed over her on the bed with an old leather belt in his hand.

“I will lash this sin out of you once and for all!”

He fumed, tightened his grip on the mean looking thing and hurled it at her. Dzidzi cupped her lower abdomen and curled up on the bed so that her bare back was getting the whips.

It was not the first time she had touched herself while reading those romance novels she had hid in the drawer. It was however the first time she had done it with all her clothes off. Her body had surprised her each time she tried. The first time had been scary. She had thought she was having an asthma attack; her lips had let out sounds she hadn’t known she was making till they got louder. She had never experienced that before, even after a year of marriage. The Sunday after the very first time, the pastor, her husband, preached about the sin of masturbation. She hadn’t even known before then that there was a word for it. That day she regretted sitting in the front row. She had felt like everyone could see she had committed that sin two days before.

Her back stung and she felt a warm wetness travel down her spine. She opened her eyes and turned over, pulling her cloth up to cover her breasts. The tears made her vision blurry. She had cried silently through the lashes. The six-foot giant was bathed in sweat and his nose was flared up giving him a perfectly wicked expression as he panted.

“You cannot defile your own body”

He said through his clenched teeth and resumed the lashing. Dzidzi moved her hands up to cover her face.

He walked to the door, locked it and returned. Dzidzi had sat up in the bed by then, with her legs tucked under her buttocks. She held the cloth to her face and wiped the tears off, avoiding eye-contact with him. He lifted the maxi-Bible off the dresser and sat on the bed. He cleared his throat and read…


“First Corinthians chapter seven verse four says: For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Dzidzi. Your body is not yours but mine.”


She nodded and he put the bible aside.

“Lie down!”

She obeyed and he stood up, unbuttoned his shirt, threw it off, unzipped his trousers and pushed it down with his boxers. Dzidzi stared through glassy eyes, at the body of a man of God, fully ready. She knew getting caught in the act was just an excuse he used to give her the belt. The thrashing had turned him on and the evidence stared back at her. She spread her legs and smiled at the same time. Knowing, that she intentionally left the door unlocked so she’d get caught. It was a win-win situation.




Sophia swallowed a moan when she heard footsteps moving towards her room. She quickly slipped her hands out from her panties, hid the book under her pillow and picked up her bible. She didn’t want her father coming in to find her reading anything but the word of God at that time of the night, in bed. A pastor’s daughter had no business reading erotic fiction. She would have to find out what happened to Dzidzi later.

Her door swung open and her father walked in, belt in hand.

“Give me that book! I’m going to whip this sin out of you tonight!”