2nd anniversary



It has been two wonderful years of flash fiction from this blog. We remain amazed at the increasing creativity in the stories submitted and we appreciate the great efforts being made to carve out a more distinct idea of a Ghanaian context.

We are absolutely proud of the community we have together built, and to borrow an expression of author Malaka Grant, this “e-real estate” produces a vista worth relishing.
We look forward to a widening of our community and better quality and creativity in the  flash fiction we publish on the blog. As always, we are also urging greater experimentation with the genre.

To mark our second anniversary:

1. We have switched domain names.
So, you can now simply type flashfictionghana.com and you will still find the largest collection of Ghanaian flash fiction stories.

2. We introduce to you… @233tooli on twitter.
This is an initiative with the intention to tell terse, twitter-size Ghanaian stories. Inspired by @veryshortstory, you will be seeing a lot of Ghanaian context pushed into the attractive 140-character stories.

3. We will be publishing classic flash fiction from a selection of published authors.
For inspiration and motivation to keep the genre very much alive in Ghana, we’ll be publishing flash fiction from a number of published authors. And so, for the rest of the week on the blog, we will bring you classic Ghanaian flash fiction.