“A Pair of Chaps” by Andrew Teye.

There was uproar in one of the dorms. The chants from above and sounds of feet stamping the ground in flight confirmed my suspicions; There was a fight. A tiny head, belonging to the resident gossip known as ‘Infomania’ poked into the bath-house entrance and announced, ‘Chale! Fight for D-Dorm! Benzo den Poyoo!’

He disappeared behind the door and his flip-flops tapped against the hard concrete as he ran off to broadcast some more.
I was disinterested and expressed this by being overly meticulous with my hand movements as I wiped droplets off my shin. A couple of the other boys, half-dried and still tying their towels around their waists, dashed out. One boy slipped and fell butt-first in the haste. I shook my head at the silliness of it all.
Feeling a little discomfort under my feet, I stamped on the tiled bathroom floor. I stamped again and observed my right foot. I gasped in shock remembrance as I stared at the unusually rough-surfaced flip-flops under my feet. Quickly, I tied my towel around my waist, grabbed my bucket and tip-toed hastily out of the bathroom. The chants and cheers reached stadium decibels as I made it to the edge of the stairs. My heart thumping with confusion and guilt, I jumped three steps at a time till I reached the upper floor of the house.

‘Boys dey fight over chaps too? Ah!’ someone I rushed past remarked.

Dropping my bucket, I sprinted into D-dorm. I pushed past sweaty adolescent bodies which had formed a thick circle around two bare-chested boys wrestling to the chants and cheers around them. Panting, I held both boys with either of my hands and tried to open up space between them. Hands began to shove and pull me from behind but I held on, struggling in vain to split the wrestlers.

‘Shun! Sh-’ I began to say and was struck hard in the face by Poyoo, who had freed his left arm.

‘Massa commot make we see fight!’, someone protested.

I held my face in my left palm, contemplated for a split second, and then raised my left heel towards my right hand. I snatched the hard rubber from under my feet and began walloping Poyoo, in quick retribution and then Benzo too. Unsatisfied, I took off the other flip-flop under my left feet and simultaneously struck both of them in the face. They both looked at me in shock and aimed to punch me in the face. I side-stepped in time and raised the pair of flip-flops.


5 thoughts on ““A Pair of Chaps” by Andrew Teye.

  1. Whooping Poyoo with the flip-flop was particularly funny to me. Life can get so frustrating.

    I don’t know if it’s the design of the site or not, but on Firefox a mess of blue “FLASH FICTION” shows up on top of everything else, making it very difficult to read the stories below. The admin might want to check to ensure it stays in the background.

  2. Thanks for giving me a peep into boys’ school occurrences. I so imagined the whole thing, especially when he whipped them both with the chaps! Funny as hell!

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