She didn’t have much time. She looked left and right and then looked behind her to make sure she was alone. Having made certain that there were no lurkers in sight, Adwoa proceeded to unlock the trunk. First the right padlock, then the left one, being careful not to make a sound as she placed both on the floor beside her crouching knees. She looked behind her again one more time. She was still very much alone.

She lifted the neatly folded piles of clothes and reached underneath them to the very bottom. Her fingers felt around the solid surface and a slow smile of delight lit up her face as they touched the object she had been looking for. She savoured the moment, sighing contentedly. She folded her fingers around it and slowly pulled it out of its hiding place. Her heart rate increased as she anticipated the pleasure she was about to receive from the long hidden treasure.

Finally the treasure was in her palm. She reveled in the feel and weight of it as it rested calmly in her slightly outstretched hand, as though it knew of the power it held over Adwoa and felt no need to flaunt it. Adwoa trailed her fingers over it, tracing out its outline; she was doing her very best to hold off her desire for as long as possible, not wanting to rush the experience.

Her reverie was suddenly broken by the sound of voices which were soon joined by the sound of feet climbing the stairs. She froze momentarily.

Eiiiii, no one must see me o! Eiiii, what will I do??, she thought frantically. She looked around her wildly, seeking out an escape route while racking her brains for a solution to her predicament.

The voices were much louder now; she could tell they were almost at the door. She hurriedly flung the object of her desire into the trunk, shutting it close as quietly as possible in light of the situation. She pushed it back under the bed. She rose too quickly and hit her head on the bedpost.

“AGYEEII…oomf!” she yelled uncontrollably, only managing to stifle the end of her exclamation.

The voices stopped. She held her breath, rubbing her head as she sensed the hesitation of whomever the voices belonged to. Please don’t let them come in, she willed silently.

The door handle turned and the door slowly creaked open. Oh yawa! She braced herself for what was to come.

The heads of two girls popped round the door quickly followed by the rest of their bodies as they noticed who was in the room.

“AH! You people!” Adwoa visibly relaxed as she recognized the faces of her two best friends, Emefa and Fathiya. “Close the door and come in! Do you want us to get caught??” she beckoned them in.

“Adwoa, what are you doing here?? Shouldn’t you be at assembly?” Emefa queried with a raised eyebrow.

Before Adwoa could point out the irony of her words Fathiya said with a wry smile, “You paa! She should be asking us that!” They all giggled.

Emefa noticed the trunk which was still peeking out from underneath the bed. She looked at it and looked back at Adwoa with questioning eyes.

Adwoa sighed. “I might as well show you”. She bent down and dragged out the trunk. She flipped it open revealing its contents.

The two girls gasped simultaneously as their gaze landed on the object. “Super 2!!” they exclaimed.

“Shhh!” Adwoa hushed them.